Alternatives to move




in-situ installation at Flatland Residency in Aleknaičiai, Lithuania 

materials: wood, rope
dimensions: variable, approx. 300 x 300cm

installed in August 2019

Alternatives to move proposes a bodily movement through space without touching the ground.
The in-situ work was developed during the Flatland Artist Residency in Lithuania. The residency took place in an old school building. Some of the rooms were inaccessible due to an ailing wooden floor. However, you could find remains of gym elements on the wall, like a basketball basket. One could possibly only reach it through the air.
Furthermore, sport devices and playground elements from soviet times were present on the whole property as well as in many other places I visited in Lithuania. The soviet aesthetics tell about the time before Lithuania became part of the European Union, are remains of a culture that is still very rooted in the Lithuanian society.