What my Body Knew and Forgot to Tell Me
Group exhibition

(For the Body, For the Mind), 2020 - Juliane Schreiber

An exhibition and research project curated by Camille Bladt and Margo Veeckman

Anaïs Chabeur (FR)
Maikel De Greve (BE)
Thuy Lê Thi Thu (BE)
Sander Misplon (BE)
Fieke Ruitinga (NL)
Juliane Schreiber (GER)
Bram Van Breda (BE)

Kunstenhuis Harelbeke, Marktstraat 100, 8530 Harelbeke, BELGIUM


“Carried by the sea, Directed by the wind, Received by the coast”
The work of Juliane Schreiber visualizes the local forces of nature at the shores of the Baltic Sea. In this region, the wind that blows from theEast is called the Bringewind, ‘the wind that brings’. This wind, which also takes when turning into a storm , serves as a link between Juliane’s temporary Heimat and the Kunstenhuis in Harelbeke, where it silently plays with the silk flag installation wedged between the windows.
Seagrass plays a central role within Juliane’s installation. It takes both a formal and a functional role: on the one hand it turns the silk covers into bodily pillows, on the other hand it serves as a natural colouring used to dye the silk. It contrasts with the delicate use of the silk, which forms a permeable membrane between seagrass and skin. The wavy bedspread offers a moment of rest within the exhibition course. The interaction with resting bodies enables changing transformations of the seagrass-silk landscape. 
- written by Camille Bladt and Margo Veeckman

Studio View 

© Juliane Schreiber

Exhibition View

All Photographs by
Juliane Schreiber & Kristian Dittmann


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