Talking Gliders

Talking Gliders is a collaboration between Jan Doms and Juliane Schreiber as well as poet Alex Vartan Gubbins.

It is about a conversation of two glider pilots over the on-board radio, hovering above the ‘ghost town’ Mush, written by Alex Vartan Gubbins.
The work is part of the exhibition „Art & Architecture in Motion“ by Jan Doms. He was invited by the Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art ACCEA (NPAK) in Yerevan, Armenia.

Juliane Schreiber contributed with the design and construction of the paper sculpture.

materials: paper, aluminum, metal
dimensions: 950 x 800 cm

A simple pattern-construction allows the material (paper) to behave naturally. The pattern-parts are interwoven with eachother. As a whole they hang in a light aluminum structure.