multifunctional, interactive textile piece
private collection, Antwerp

dimensions: variable, max. 350 x 350 cm
material: plant dyed silk (Habotai, Crêpe Georgette, Satin), paper fabric (undefined), aluminium


taking shape

atelier view


work in progress

The development of the textile work took place during summer 2023. The work was preceded by a thorough research on plant dyes. The focus was on yellow coloration achieved by using plants that grow in the area of the Baltic Sea in the North of Germany.

It posesses properties of a swing cloth/parachute, which is a popular game for children. It demands a group of people to hold the cloth and bring it into motion.

‘Rührung’ is an attempt to express a feeling of connectedness.
It may join the notions of grounding and constant change.
Panta rhei

The artwork was initiated and commissoned by Robin Baeten

dyeing process

temporary installation


temporary installation

all photographs by the artist