Material’s Lament

Material’s Lament, 2021
In-situ installation 

linnen/silk mix, felted German heath wool,
leftover/found metal pieces from industry
approx. 580 x 210 cm, size varies

Part of the group exhibition BANG at CC Vleeshaak, Antwerp, BE 14 - 24/10/21

Photographs by Milou Abel, Kristian Dittmann, Juliane Schreiber

Pause for a moment to hear the material’s laments,
You can hardly hear it whisper.
It mourns its own death that lies ahead.

Dust covers the steel structure above you,
No more trained hands operate the metal rails day after day.
When is material history?

Today we acknowledge the presence of this building,
Find inspiration in old functionalities and seek new use for structures and textures,
Contemplate about its simple existence.

Then, the material takes a deep breath,
Goes back to sleep,
Might not wake up anymore as the building will be torn down.

Does material need a purpose to be alive?

Text by Juliane Schreiber, Oktober 2021